Australian Bank Account
Australian Bank Account

Book your Australian Bank Account Before you go!
Are you leaving to work or study in Australia? If the answer is yes, you will need a bank account and the fastest way to do this is through Traveltowork. Traveltowork specialise in assisting over 25,000 customers to open bank accounts in countries all over the world and ensure that the whole process is hassle free.

Traveltowork have partnered with Commonwealth Bank, one of the largest banks in Australia, to assist you in opening bank accounts in Australia. With over 484 branches throughout Australia Commonwealth Bank is the best choice for banking in Australia.

You simply apply now and we will provide you with your account details within 4-5 working days by email. That simple!

On arrival you simply show your passport/driving license in any branch of Commonwealth Bank within Australia and you will receive your ATM card by post 1-2 days later however you are free to access funds immediately at the Commonwealth Bank branch.

Apply by phone:
The quickest way to apply for your bank account is to phone our nearest office:

1 800 829 230
647 724 1785
+33 98 013 0919
+49 30 2555 5898
01 635 3755
+39 064 520 0278
New Zealand:
0800 462 967
+44 207 659 1130
866 799 3864
South Africa:
+27 21 422 4110
All other countries: +353 1 635 3755